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Together, our team has over 175 years of combined experience. We are experts in title and can provide you with the information you need. Whether you have questions about easements or need information on subsurface rights, our team has the expertise and experience to get the job done.
L. Rae Connet, President

L. “Rae” Connet is the co-founder of PetroLand Services.  Combining her strong legal background and training with the practical skills of a working land professional, Rae brings 23 years of experience and expertise to serve the company’s clientele.  Rae has managed multiple prospects throughout California, ranging from intensive townlots in urbanized areas to ecologically sensitive environments, including conservation lands.

Representing the company’s clients before regulatory agencies dealing with land use, zoning and planning issues, drilling, redrilling and equipment permitting related to oil and gas operations, Rae’s expertise is without parallel in the Los Angeles Basin, having personally secured in excess of 250 drilling/redrilling approvals for wells in highly urbanized areas.

Rae consults with and advises the Company’s clients on operational matters with respect to the interpretation of leasehold rights and regulatory matters affecting drilling operations and land use.

Having analyzed tens of thousands of oil and gas leases in 18 distinct oil fields, as well as having analyzed title to the subject properties, Rae has been qualified as an expert title researcher and analyst by the California courts in matters dealing with in surface and subsurface ownership, leasehold rights, easements, licenses, and other rights of way.

Committed to continuing education of the professional landman, Rae speaks frequently at professional association meetings, the West Coast Landman’s Institute and other events, and holds seminars at the Company’s office.  She has also been a regular contributor to the award-winning newsletter “The Override,” published by the Los Angeles Association of Professional Landmen.

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California - (310) 349-0051


   We are proud to be certified as a Women Owned Business by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council 

We are an active member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the the American Association of Professional Landmen and we uphold the high standards of Landmen as members of the American Association of Professional Landmen.